Monday, November 24, 2008


-seeing friends smile
-listening to music
-doing something smart
-computers that aren't broken
-getting out of work early
-when I come home and my mom happens to be making that one dinner that I've been absolutely craving
-when I make a vague reference to a movie and someone catches it
-the bobs

The first list!! =)

-when I hear people in the hall singing in the shower
-being barefoot in the summer
-good music
-finishing a good book
-my boyfriend
-Twilight books
-bush babies
-my parents
-being on my own
-knowing my job still needs me
-paid bills
-days off
-Red Sox
-my girlfriend
-spending time with friends
-the ocean
-working on cars
-Walt Disney World
-falling asleep next to someone
-my family
-going to church
-walking my dogs
-video games
-my animals
-The world according to Garp (movie)
-the smell of a zippo
-chocolate covered cherries (the clear inside ones)
-good concerts

More to follow...


Soooooooo I came up with this idea that I want to do and decided to do it! =) I'm going to ask people this one question and post them onto this blog.

What are 3 things that make you happy? (Big things or small, it doesn't matter.)

So what are your 3?